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Cash Flow

“Cash is King”

One of the major benefits of investing in apartment complexes is cash flow. Cash flow can be defined as having more income than expenses. At the end of each month, the income from rent and additional fees outweighs the expenses of the property. Properties that have high cash flow are always an investor’s dream.

Apartment complexes have many tenants. If a tenant moves out, other tenants are still paying and the property will still provide cash flow. We EXPECT the property to have some vacant units. This allows us to address any concerns and update or renovate the units accordingly. When we underwrite deals, we look at ensuring the property has POSITIVE cash flow so we are never in a difficult spot, even when the market turns.

At the end of the month, our properties have a positive cash flow. Our passive investors will typically receive a quarterly distribution check every 3 months based on their initial investment.

To learn more, please visit our Knowledge Center. To find out how you can passively invest, please schedule a time with us or contact us, and we will reach out to you.


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