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Why Do We Focus on Real Estate?

Growing up, we were taught to invest our money into a retirement account. If there was money left over, buy stocks and mutual funds. It was a great way to secure our future, or so we were told.

What we realized is we are not experts in stocks, the market, and do not have the time to become experts. Additionally, IF we could find someone to manage our portfolio, they would put our money into mutual funds. Mutual funds have fees, the financial advisor has commissions, and we pay taxes on money made that year. It was a triple whammy we did not want to deal with. For 40+ years we could pinch pennies, invest into the market and pray that we could possibly have 6 figures in passive income annually at retirement.

We were stuck between a rock and a hard place. Pinch pennies to invest in the stock market with 8% annualized returns (before fees, commissions, and taxes), don’t invest at all and deal with retirement at a later time (terrible idea), or find a way to have our money work for us.

After researching many different ways to invest, we came across real estate. We started learning more and more and decided it was a great way to secure our future.

What is so good about real estate?

We chose real estate for many reasons:

Real estate has proven to be a great investment in our financial freedom. It will continue to provide and secure our future. Interested in learning more about why we invest in real estate or to see how we can help you reach financial freedom? Please schedule a time with us or contact us, and we will reach out to you.


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